sauna im campingurlaub am alpsee

Sauna in the Allgäu – Feeling Good at the Alpsee

Discover our Sauna Area at the Wellness Camp Site

Are you looking for a sauna in the Allgäu? We have no less than three of them at our 5* Alpsee Camp Site! Enjoy luxury camping in the Allgäu with lots of warming moments. After an active day out and about in nature, you will find the perfect conditions to relax there.

Sit back, feel the comforting warmth spreading through your body, your muscles begin to loosen and your mind takes a break for a moment. In our three different saunas, you can take the time to unwind and recharge when wellness camping.

Access to the sauna is reserved to our guests aged 16 and over and is subject to a charge. Before entering the sauna, we kindly ask you to make a daily reservation at the reception. Our sauna area is available to you at certain times - please ask at the reception for details.

In addition to our three saunas, wellness showers await you as well when luxury camping in the Allgäu. Wind down in the relaxation room on comfortable loungers, enjoy our terrace and the magnificent panoramic view of the Alpsee

The Alpsee Wellness Classic
sauna im campingurlaub am alpsee
Finnish Sauna
The stone stove in our Finnish sauna in the Allgäu heats the air before it is radiated back through the wood panelling. In this dry sauna, temperatures between 60° and 90° Celsius can easily be reached. The view of the Alpsee and the Allgäu landscape, as well as atmospheric lighting effects when wellness camping also contribute to your state of complete relaxation.
The Mild Alternative
wellness im campingurlaub am alpsee
Bio-climate Sauna
Temperatures in the bio-climate sauna are between 50° and 65° Celsius with a humidity of approx. 40%. Essential oils have additionally positive effects on your well-being. Due to the lower temperature in the bio-climate sauna in the Allgäu, a longer stay of about 15-30 minutes is possible. Here, too, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Allgäu landscape.
In-depth Warmth
campingplatz mit sauna am alpsee
Our Infrared Cabin
Due to the low temperature of only 40°C to 55°C, the body is gently purified by beneficial radiant heat when wellness camping. The infrared heat is absorbed by the skin, heating the body from the inside out. It is a perfect treatment for body, mind and soul.