Fahrradurlaub im Allgäu - Alpsee Camping Immenstadt

Biking Holidays in the Allgäu that Couldn't be more Beautiful

Active Holidays in Bavaria on two Wheels

Immenstadt, the Großer Alpsee and the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park offer cyclists of all types and abilities almost unlimited possibilities when spending their biking holidays in the Allgäu. There is something for every "cyclist": whether mountain bikers, racing or leisure cyclists, all demands are met in this beautiful natural landscape. Exploring the surroundings by bike when spending your active holiday in Bavaria is not only a great activity, it keeps you fit at the same time. So make the most of your active holiday in Southern Germany, improve your fitness and health and start pedalling! On the website of the town of Immenstadt and here you will find numerous tour suggestions and other useful information for your biking holidays in the Allgäu. However, we have already decided which are the three most beautiful routes!

Let us present three of our favourite tours here:

Hörnerdorf Panorama Tour

approx. 27 km | Leisurely bike tour

Starting from our 5*Alpsee Camp Site, the tour destination is Oberstdorf. On your active holiday in Bavaria, you first cycle towards the Auwald Zentrum in Immenstadt, from where you reach the Iller cycle path. This leads towards Kempten on the left and on the right towards Sonthofen and Oberstdorf. In Sonthofen-Rieden, the trail takes you up to Ofterschwang. It continues via Muderbolz to Untermühlegg, where you keep to the right. Via Bolsterlang and Sonderdorf you reach Obermaiselstein. Via the road "Am Scheid" you reach Niederdorf, from where you face one last descent to Langenwang. Here, you have the option of taking the train back to Immenstadt or continuing to the village of Rubi. On the left, you will return to Sonthofen via Reichenbach, Schöllang and Altstädten. If you cycle to the right, you will reach Oberstdorf. From Oberstdorf you can either cycle or take the train back to the camp site.

Allgäu Triathlon Circuit Road

approx. 46 km | Road bike tour

During your biking holiday in the Allgäu, you can bike the original lap of the International Allgäu Triathlon, the biggest summer sports event in the Oberallgäu.

After the swim at the Großer Alpsee, triathletes leave the water and set off on the challenging bike lap with about 700 metres in altitude per lap. From our 5* Alpsee Camp Site, the route follows the main road towards the city centre. At the Hofgarten town hall, it then leads left to the Kalvarienberg, which is already the first difficult hurdle with a 16% gradient. Afterwards, a flat stretch via the "old B19" follows towards Martinszell and from there to Niedersonthofen. Here, a steep ascent towards Rieggis starts on the left, where you have to overcome 300 metres of altitude over a distance of approx. 4 km. When spending your active holidays in Southern Germany, the road then leads steeply downhill towards Missen, where you turn right to the turning point towards Seltmanns. After the turnaround you return to Missen and via the climb to Stixner, there is another downhill stretch that takes you back to Immenstadt via Zaumberg with a view of the Alpsee. On your active holiday in the Allgäu, this should satisfy even the most ambitious athletes. Triathletes, on the other hand, have to cycle this route twice, depending on the distance, before switching to the running route in Bühl.

Salmaser Höhe

approx. 32 km | Challenging MTB tour

The starting point of this challenging bike tour that should not be missed when spending a biking holiday in the Allgäu is our 5* Alpsee Camp Site. You first cycle along the Alpsee in the direction of Oberstaufen. After approx. 8 km, keep to the right in the direction of Kalzhofen. In the village, keep to the right again and follow the ascent over the Alpe Mohr to the Hompessen-Alpe. From here, follow another steep 1.5 km trail to the Salmaser Höhe. Your exertions are rewarded with an incredibly beautiful view over the large Alpsee. In addition to that, the high-altitude trail now takes you from the Salmaser Höhe via the Thaler Höhe all the way back to Bühl on your active holiday in Southern Germany.

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