Saunalandschaft beim Alpsee Camping

Sauna Landscape

Feeling good & relaxing with wellness camping

Enjoy 5-star wellness with us... Here you will find the perfect conditions for relaxing after an active camping holiday day.

Lean back, feel how the pleasant warmth flows through your body, how your muscles relax and how your mind takes a break for a moment. In three different Saunas you can take the time to unwind and regenerate.


4 Sterne Wellness Camping am Alpsee

Finnish sauna - The Classic of Wellness at the Alpsee

The stone oven heats the air and the warmth is reflected by the wooden boards, between 60° and 90° Celsius can be reached in this way in this dry sauna. The view of the Großer Alpsee and the Allgäu landscape, as well as harmonious lighting also contribute to your relaxation.


Genießen Sie Wellness am Alpsee

Bio-Climate Sauna - The Mild One

Temperatures in the bio-climate sauna lie between 50° and 65° Celsius, with a humidity of approximately 40 %. Essential oils contribute to further well-being. Because of the lower temperatures, a longer stay of around 15 to 30 minutes is possible. Here you can also enjoy the wonderful view of the Allgäu landscape.


Wellness am Alpsee im Camping Urlaub

Infrared Cabin - The Deeply Warming One

Through the lower temperatures of only 40°C to 55°C the body is detoxified gently by the comforting radiation warmth. The daily spa for body, mind and soul. The infrared warmth is absorbed by the skin, which makes the body warm up from the inside.