Biken im Allgäu

Active holiday at the Alpsee

makes biker hearts beat faster...

Immenstadt, the Alpsee and the Nagelfluhkette offer bikers in their active holiday in the Allgäu almost unlimited possibilities. For every biker there is something there, whether mountainbiker, racing cyclist or hobby-biker, all expectations are fulfilled in this beautiful natural landscape. Use your Alpsee holiday and step on the pedals...

Three beloved bike routes we would like to introduce to you here. If you want to know more, you can find further information on the Immenstädter homepage.

Konstanz Valley Tour | ca. 32 km | Easy bike tour

The starting point of this easy tour alongside the Iller and the Alpsee is Immenstadt. On this tour in your Alpsee holiday, you will ride mostly on quiet causeways and country lanes and small side streets.

Allgäu Triathlon Round Racing Cycle | ca. 46 km | Medium bike tour

The original tour of the international Allgäu Triathlon, the biggest summer sport event in the Oberallgäu.

After swimming in the Großer Alpsee, the triathletes leave the water and go on a challenging bike tour around the Hauchenberg. From the Strandbad Hauser the road runs back in direction city center. At the Hofgarten-Stadthalle, you go left to the Kalvarienberg, which presents the first difficult obstacle. Over the Gnadenberg, the track runs to Eckarts and from there to Niedersonthofen. From there, a steep rise bends to the left in direction Ettensberg, on which ca. 300 m altitude have to be climed across ca. 4 km. Then you go steeply downhill in direction Weitnau. Via Seltmanns and Sibratshofen, the track leads you to Missen. After the climb to the Stixner, you go downhill again and via Zaumberg, with a view of the Alpsee, back to Immenstadt. For your active holiday, this should be enough - the triathletes have to ride this track twice, before entering the running track starting at the Auwaldstadion.

Mountainbike Alp lodges tour | ca. 16 km | Difficult bike tour

Starting point of this challenging bicycle tour in a summer holiday at the Alpsee is Gunzensried-Säge, south-west of Immenstadt. There, you start in the direction Alpe Vorsäß and Stubenbachweg. Steadily going uphill, the road leads you to the Alpe Höllritzer. Via the Birkach Alpe you go back downhill... Apart from glorious views, a freeride and a singletrack await you on this tour.